• PAA Pure Architecture & Art

  • PAA Pure Architecture & Art

    It’s time for us to come together.
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  • PAA Pure Architecture & Art

    We want… We believe… We can….
    and we keep going …..

PAA - Sample of Projects : Architecture & Engineering Consultancy Studies: Sustainable Architecture: 2006 Energy Researches National Centre Urban Planning: 2010 Dourine Residential and Touristic Urban planning development Memorial sites: 2008 Marjeh Square Rehabilitation of AL Marjeh Square - City Center Residential & Cultural Complexes: 2017 Art House Beirut Residence Cultural & Touristic Complexes: 2017 The House of Culture Residential Complexes: 2006 Nasserieh Power Station Residential Combined Cycle Extension (Housing Complex). Residential Complexes : 2006 Zayzoon Power Station Residential Combined Cycle Extension (Housing Complex) Residential: 2011 Chaccour House 2010 Al Fakir Villa 2009 AL Kura Villa 2001 Jaffan villa 2000 Oriental Villa Complexes Hotels: 2015 Renovation of Sheraton Hotel Seidnaya 2006 Valley View Hotel - Renovation and extension 2000 Attar Oriental Hotel Hospitals: 2011 Nour Al Abdeen Hospital 1999 private hospital Public monuments: 2011 Qunaytra Governorate Commercial: 2011 Tartous Mall 2010 Q Mall Cultural & Entertainment: 2017 AH Damascus Extension 1999 AL Hameh Entertainment Warehouses: 2007 Nazha warehouses Landscaping: 2010 Joud Advertising Office- Outdoor and steel structure. 2006 Nasserieh Housing Complex - Site arrangement Landscaping: 2006 Zayzoon Housing Complex - Site arrangement 2006 Ras Ibn hani Historical Garden

Our History
PAA was established in 1999-2000 by Arch. Maria Saadeh as an Architecture and Interior Design office.  And because of her specialization, PAA is specialized in Conservation & Restoration of Old Monuments and Sites, and in Concept Projects and Concept Design; it offers studies, supervision, and execution.
PAA team included many specialists, designers, and executives.
In 2005, at the time in which products in Syria were limited and so classic, PAA has expanded its activities and made a department for Furniture and Accessories Design and execution.
In 2009, PAA became an Exclusive Agent for leading European Furniture Companies like:

  • De Sede: Switzerland, Leather Furniture.
  • Giovanni Sforza, INCANTO, Sofitalia: Italy, Leather Furniture
  • Frenchexcellency (AIRDIEM, Cub-ar, Odiot): French accessories specialized in luxury narghile, cigar accessories and silverware.

In 2010, PAA started a new designing line “PAA ORIENTAL”, after 2 years of research and study, combines the spirit and concept of the past with the contemporary of the present.
Because of our wide-range relations with many international companies, PAA is working as consulting company, linking the projects with the right parties to complete projects the perfect way.
In 2010, PAA became the Middle Eastern Headquarters office of UK company 3E Projects International Ltd. This partnership has been developed as a joint venture for study, specification and supply of furniture for all kind of prestigious projects, as 4- and 5-star hotels and villas.
“All was affected by our simplicity and our professionalism

We are building a culture and looking for a great future……
Seeing only the beautiful side of everything ……
This is what we call “HOPE”

What and How PAA Works
Concept Project & Business Development
Architecture & Engineering Studies
Restoration and Conservation of Historical Monuments and Sites
Interior Design
Furniture and Accessories
Project Visual Identity & Marketing plan
Maintenance and After Sale Service

PAA – Agencies

We import and supply European furniture as PAA was the exclusive agent for leading European Furniture companies like:
De Sede: Switzerland, Leather Furniture. Top quality and selective Designs.
Giovanni Sforza: Italy, Leather Furniture and accessories. Luxury, charm, beauty and perfection of details.
INCANTO: Italy, leather furniture. Italian attitude, artisan production and exceptional care.
Sofitalia: Italy, leather furniture. Trendy and comfortable, enriches with colors and forms.
Frenchexcellency: French accessories companies contain:

  • AIRDIEM: is specialized in luxury narghile and interior design of smoking room
  • Cub-ar: items in Obsidian stone and cigar accessories.
  • Odiot:

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Restoration and Conservation of Historical Monuments and Sites:

    Historical Monuments:

  • 2017 Beirut A House
  • 2017 Rehabilitaion of Marjeh Site & monuments
  • 2003 DGAM / National Museum of Damascus
  • 2002 Damascus Castle Survey and Restoration - Palais Nord
  • 2002 Damascus Castle Survey and Restoration - Salle de Trone
    Historical Sites

  • 2006 Ras Ibn Hani Historical Site
  • 2004 St. Thomas Chapelle &site
    Historical Public Space

  • 2008 AL Abed Street - Conservation and Cleaning of the Facades
  • 2008 Nijmeh Square -Rehabilitation of Nijmeh square Monuments
    Interior design

  • 2017 Art House Beirut
  • 2017 Art House Damascus
  • 2010 Chaccour Villa
  • 2010 British Council of Damascus
  • 2010 Samir AL Naji House
  • 2009 Chaccour Junior Apartment
  • 2009 AL Kadery Apartment
  • 2009 3 stars Hotel
  • 2009 Mouna & Roy Karam apartment
  • 2009 Habib Offices
  • 2009 Mansour Apartment
    Interior design

  • 2008 Jabbour Apartment
  • 2007 PAA office & showroom
  • 2007 Bael Apartment
  • 2007 AL Admeh Apartment
  • 2006 Nazha Apartment
  • 2006 Hilal Apartment
  • 2006 Rustom Apartment
  • 2005 Total E&P Syria cafeteria
  • 2004 Modatex Gallery
  • 2004 Chaccour Apartment
  • 2003 Silk Road Gallery
  • 2003 Lakah Apartments
  • 2003 Anhoury Apartment
  • 2001 X Restaurant
  • 2000 Sinan villa
  • 2000 Gas and Oil exposition

Maria Saadeh – Biography
Consultant Architect
PAA – Founder, Owner & General Manager

After studying the architecture in the faculty of architecture in Aleppo University (1997), Arch. Maria Saadeh gained a Diploma in Architectural Design (1998) in “historical advancement of Syrian Churches Architecture”.

In (1999), she got her DESS in ‘Conservation and Restoration of Old Monuments and Sites’ with the collaboration between Ecole Chaillot – France and Lebanese University-Tripoli.
Worked in Beirut and trained at famous architectural offices in France.

When she came back to Damascus, she established “PAA” office in 1999-2000 for architecture, interior design and restoration studies.

After involving in the practical work activities, she was continuing Doctorate study in “Contemporary Interventions in Historical Monuments and Sites” – Geneva University (2006-2010)
She taught the Architectural Design in the University of Damascus – Faculty of Architecture (2001- 2011).

She worked as Expert in the Restoration and Conservation field with General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums and many foreign archaeological missions.

In addition, in 2003-2005, she got Diploma in translation Arabic-French from LUMIERE LYON 2 UNIVERSITY-FRANCE via the French Cultural Center of Damascus. And had many courses in Project Planning and Development.

Because of her innovation works, in 2010 she started to design Furniture for famous European Furniture Production Companies. Like (RIVA industrial 1920).
Squeeze” is the stool name that she designed with cedar wood in the collection of Riva and well presented in Cologne Fair 2011 with the other collections of stools designed by famous designers and well-known architects.

Then she tried to develop the local authentic furniture in contemporary spirit and design.

She participated and won many local and international competitions
And because of her creativity and vision, in 2011, she won the YCE, Young Creative Entrepreneur Design Award, from UK
With 22 creative designers from the entire world she was presenting in the Design Week in London as winners of the YCE Design Award.

“Proud to be Syrian” Maria Saadeh says to the Construction Week Magazine when they interviewed her as a first Syrian architect obtained this award.

When the war begun in Syria, she was elected as Syrian Parliament Member in the Syrian People’s Assembly from 2012 till 2016, where she worked in the public filed and with the Syrian active society in order to help her country.

She believes in Societies to develop and make the changes …






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